The Consumer Electronics Show and Its Impact on Your Business in 2011

Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas (CES)

In just one day the collective eyes and ears of the geek-diaspora will be pointed towards Las Vegas, Nevada— home of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  At CES, the juggernauts of the tech industry, as well as start-ups with high aspirations, will engage in enough marketing gymnastics to make Philip Kotler eject a tear.

On display will be an array of shiny plastics and alloy cocktails— garnished with flashing lights and ambient sounds.  There will be new products whose value proposition is trivial… but, who cares, it looks good (as per Chris Rock, “it’s spinning!”).

The fate of Product Managers will be decided in a span of four days.  In fact, there will be some companies whose “last breath” will be taken at the convention center.  Even previous winners at CES are not promised tomorrow— i.e. Palm, or should I say HP Palm, it’s a bit confusing.  However, as long as the precise execution that allowed the victors of CES to garner positive attention at  the electronics show is spread throughout all facets of their respective organizations, success is almost inevitable.

Consumers will dust-off the credit cards they hid in 2007 (this year).  They will succumb to the electronic bling that’s covered over and over again on Gizmodo, Engadget and _________.

Something will be shown at  the Consumer Electronics Show that will exponentially increase the probability of consumers making a significant purchasing decision this year.  This is a good thing.  It will help our economy (or should I say the global economy).

Pause, what is the point of this blog post.  Has the CES bug invaded my neural pathways… causing me to spew a long run-on sentence of disjunct thoughts… amorphous to all but me, cheech and chong.  Internal voice, “focus Kerwin… close with something profound!”

And the Impact on Businesses?

In turn, if you are reading this post, there is a good chance that you work at a company that’s constantly looking for new ways to do business and engage with prospective customers.  So, while you are salivating over the CES eye candy, think about the business implications of these devices.

For example, a plethora of tablet devices will be unveiled at CES this year.  Will your website be functional on an 8” touch screen device?  Will the user experience be so horrendous that potential business is lost in the process?  What unique qualities of Google TV make it an effective marketing tool— how can your company tap into its potential ahead of your competitors?

These are the types of questions that my colleagues and I think about everyday here at Multimedia Solutions.  Feel free to send us your questions or post comments, we’ll be glad to provide you with our thoughts.  And for those attending the Consumer Electronics Show this week, enjoy!

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